System X Diamond Ceramic Protection
Can be applied to any Aircraft, Boat, Car,  Motor Cycle or Truck
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  • Hand Wash 3 Stage Paint Preparation
  • Water spot removal ( paint & glass)
  • Clean wheels and rims
  • Paint is  (Clay Bared)
  • Hand polished to a glass like finish
  • System X Diamond Ceramic coating is applied
  • Lasts Life of vehicle
  • Tire Dressing

  • Heat extract carpet shampoo and fabric
  • Clean Dash and Console with Detailer's Brushes
  • Vinyl / Leather Conditioning or System X Interior
System X Ceramic Coating
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Paint contamination consists of tiny metal shavings from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. This contamination affects all paint finishes
and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Paint contamination can be felt as a "rough or gritty" texture on the paint's surface and can
lead to tiny rust spots. This contamination can not be removed by washing, waxing and or polishing.
When contaminants get a solid grip on your car's paint, washing alone may not be enough to remove them. In this case, we use a
(Clay Bar).  A
clay bar isn't a polish or a compound, it is a surface preparation bar that smooths the paint and exfoliates contaminants.

Your vehicle is first washed from front to back.   Wheels, wheel wells, rims, door jams and trunk deck rim.  Proper and complete cleaning is
essential  for ceramic to adhere to painted surfaces.   This is the same awesome product that we use to make aircraft finishes slick and weather

The interior carpet and seats are steam cleaned. The use of fine detailing brushes to clean the dirt and grim from around the dash and console
areas. All little spots where things can hide are cleaned to perfection.

We recommend, for the protection of  your vehicle's interior is to have all fabric, carpet leather and seats sealed.
We provide System X Interior protection for only $150.00  ( See Video )

We make wheels look like new. Brake dust and grime is removed.
Pet Hair Removal any car any package..........................$50.00

Engine Compartment Detailing with full detail ................$25.00

Frosted / Yellowed Headlight Refinishing  .............ea....$25.00

System X Interior
Fabric, Leather and Carpet protection..........................$150.00
What is paint contamination?
The Process
Interior Protection
Add ons
Surface Preparation is everything!
When preping the paint for the ceramic coating, complete contamination removal
is a must to get maxium ceramic adhersion to the paint.
System X Diamond is a thin, flexible, permanent 9H ceramic coating with previously unachievable durability and hydrophobic
properties. Our top-of-the-line low maintenance self cleaning coating is slick to the touch and imparts a deep gloss to paintwork.
Diamond's unparalleled paint protection against environmental factors will keep your car looking better then new as long as you
own it.  SGS tested, Boeing approved. Diamond has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on new cars and up to 8 years on used.
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